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Rich • Robust • Rugged

Smooth as the velvet night sky, gritty as the mean streets

Smooth as the velvet night sky…

…gritty as the mean streets

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I have had a strong interest in creative pursuits all of my life in areas such as theater, choir, orchestra, and dance. That said, my professional career was in the tech sector for 20 years. When I realized that I really needed to be creative again, and I found my outlet in audiobooks.

I traded a keyboard for a microphone and I now work full time as a SAG-AFTRA audiobook narrator at the foot of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains in Utah.

I possess a rich, robust, rugged voice that lends credibility and interest to all types of materials. Recording Romance under a pseudonym and Sci-Fi, Mysteries, Thrillers, & edgy Non-Fiction under my own name, I have completed 70 books and counting.

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Feel free to contact me, either via [email protected], the contact form here, or social media available in the menus. I would love to talk skiing, biking, the merits of travel in life or especially audiobooks.