Tim Jackson


Tim Jackson


Rich • Robust • Rugged

Smooth as the velvet night sky, gritty as the mean streets

Smooth as the velvet night sky…

…gritty as the mean streets



Born in the small northern Minnesota town of Bemidji, Tim now resides in Salt Lake City – having traded the relative flats of the Midwest for the vertical splendor of the Intermountain West.

He spent years in creative pursuits such as theater, choir, orchestra, and dance. He also enjoyed a long career in the Tech sector before turning back to the creative.

He now works full time as a SAG-AFTRA audiobook narrator and voiceover artist at the foot of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Click to view my most recent work.


Feel free to contact me, either via Tim@TimNarrates.com, the contact form here, or social media available in the menus. I would love to talk skiing, biking, the merits of travel in life or especially audiobooks.